Thursday, 22 January 2009

New York Times - Obama inauguration parties in Nairobi

I am in Kenya at the moment - covering the Obama inauguration celebrations for the New York Times T magazine.... it's incredibly lively and vibrant and people seemed filled with a renewed respect and hope for the USA and for Kenya... Check out

Thursday, 15 January 2009


Belem lies in the mouth of the Amazon in Brazil - with thousands of square kilometres of rainforest wilderness on its doorstep. I love the city - particularly its riotous and rich and varied music scene. And I love the wilderness even more - especially Marajo - the largest river island in the world - as big as Denmark. Vast white-pepper sand beaches backed by towering forest meet a fresh water ocean here; filled with sharks and dolphins and with a seemingly infinite horizon. The wildlife is incredible. The people warm-hearted - even by Brazilian standards, and there isn't a tourist in sight.

Here's a little piece I did on the eclectic Belem music scene for the French music magazine - Mondomix. Words and pictures are mine. I'll put some more shots up on my Flickr site soon. Belem is spectacular.....

Nota Bene Zurich

The Zurich edition of upmarket travel book NB Review ( has just been published. I shot in the Autumn, covering the best hotels, restaurants and clubs in the city and it runs to almost 100 pages - so only room for a little preview here. This year I am set to do Bahia in Brazil.