Thursday, 27 November 2008

Recife Blog

This guy seems right up to the mark on what is happening in Recife Olinda. He even recommends the same stuff as Fred Zeroquatro recommended to me when I interviewed him at Womex..

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Mexico, Peru and more

Craig Doyle's name is on the cover - as consultant editor - but I and a bunch of others wrote the entries for this book!

Bangkok and Brazil Restaurants

I reviewed restaurants in Bangkok and Brazil for Black Ink's newly published best restaurants in the world issue. Black Ink is Amex's ultra exclusive travel magazine for Centurion card holders. Here are samples


I photographed DK's new Bangkok guide and wrote and photographed some pieces for the Sunday Times Travel and Asos whilst I was out there. Here's the first page of Asos. I can send the ST mag article to anyone interested.

Time Out

Here is a piece I wrote about Sao Paulo for Time Out, which they edited horribly to fill with offensive phrases and insinuations which are not mine - notably the reference to 'Four Whore' instead of 'Forro' in the introduction. I am happy to send the piece I wrote to anyone interested.

Quero pedir desculpas aos Paulistanos.... o frase 'four-whore' e MUITO ofensivo, e logico que Jardim Paulista nao e um 'slum' e que Sampa nao e um lugar principalmente famoso por violenca.... esos errores nao sao minhas - sao da editora. Eu poso mandar uma copia do artigo que eu mandei para Time Out se voces querem...

Desculpas tambem por meu teclado Ingles que nao tem acentos Portugueses....

Saturday, 22 November 2008

National Geographic

I have now joined the ranks of photographers published by National Geographic!

Take a look:

Wanderlust Front Cover

One of my pictures was used for the front cover of the new Wanderlust -

Sunday, 16 November 2008

Get Lost!

Pernambuco in Brazil's North East is for me one of the most beautiful and culturally varied parts of Latin America - with great music, the most traditional large carnival in Brazil and stunning beaches. It's hard to get an article commissioned about somewhere few non-Brazilians have heard of.... Australia's premier adventure travel magazine went for it though - and even made it the cover story of their current edition.

Here's the first page. Let me know if you want a PDF of the whole piece.

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Club 21 Sao Paulo

One of Asia's most prestigious magazines, Club 21 - owned by hotel entrepreneur Christine Ong just published my Sao Paulo city review. Words and pictures are mine. Let me know if you want a PDF copy by emailing me.


Wednesday, 5 November 2008


Just back from Sevilla where I was an official photographer for Womex 2008 - a huge event bring together musicians from all over the world to meet, chat and play live music.

You can see my pictures from the event through the official Womex site -

And there will be a gallery in Songlines shortly and I hope on the National Geographic music page too....